Entire Family Dies After Young Woman Makes A Simple Mistake In The Kitchen!!

A lot of people will agree that potatoes are a tasty, versatile food which can be used for numerous recipes. However, potatoes can be very dangerous. More precisely, rotten potatoes can have detrimental effects on humans.

Namely, 8-year old Maria Chelysheva from Russia became an orphan in 2014 because of old potatoes in their cellar. When Maria’s dad went to get some potatoes, he never came back. This is when Maria’s mother went into the basement to find her husband. Unfortunately, she never came back either. To make matters worse, the same thing happened with Maria’s brother and grandmother.


Potatoes contain glycoalkaloids- a chemical compound present in poisonous nightshade plants. Hence, this is what makes potatoes toxic under the right circumstances, not only when they’re consumed by humans, but simply from breathing in their chemicals.

When potatoes rot, the amount of glycoalkaloids increases, thus, the potatoes begin spreading a dangerous gas. The exposure to this toxic gas is the reason for the death of Maria’s family. Maria could’ve also died when she went to look for her family; luckily, the gas had dissipated as her mother left the door of the basement slightly opened.

One thing’s for sure, this heartbreaking story will melt the hearts of so many readers, but, hopefully, it will also serve as a warning of the dangers arising from rotten potatoes. Therefore, if you happen to have potatoes that are at risk of going bad, throw them way until it’s too late!



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