Entire All-Black Graduating Class Of Boys Gets Accepted Into College With $9.2M In Scholarships

The entire 2022 graduating class at St. Augustine High School gained admission to college — Photo via Twitter


The 2022 graduating class of the predominantly Black all-male St. Augustine High School collectively reached a remarkable academic milestone that is worth applauding. According to WDSU, the entire graduating class of the New Orleans-based school impressively gained admission to college and received a combined $9.2 million in scholarships.


Mel Cordier, who is the school’s Director of Communications & Marketing, said 99 graduates intend to attend college or university while one graduate is heading to the military. Fifty-five percent of the students will also remain in New Orleans while 45% will leave the state.

A video of the boys celebrating their graduation and commendable achievements was shared by a mother on Twitter. In the video, the boys are seen dancing to jazz music from a brass band.

“It’s late but I don’t care. The world deserves to see this black boy joy,” she shared. “Congratulations to THE St. Augustine High School class of 2022. 100% college acceptance. $9.2M in scholarships. Straight out of the 7th ward of New Orleans. Let that make headlines! Dance!”

Founded by Josephite priests and brothers in 1951, St. Augustine High School “is a college preparatory school for young men in grades 8-12,” the school’s website states.

“St. Augustine High School has built a legacy serving as the training ground for leadership through academic excellence, moral values, Christian responsibility, and reasonable, consistent discipline,” the website adds.


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