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Entertainment: Justin Bieber Deactivates Instagram After Ugly Insta-Fued With Selena Gomez

After threatening to make his Instagram page private if fans didn’t stop hating on his new flame Sofia Richie, Justin Bieber took it a step further on Monday as he deleted his account, which boasted 77.8 million followers

Hot on the heels of his war of words with ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, the superstar singer has deleted his social media page entirely.

Bieber, 22, warned his followers that he would make his Instagram page private if haters didn’t stop bad-mouthing his new girlfriend, Sofia Richie.

Then, on the evening of Monday, August 15, he followed through with his threat, but going one step further.

Bieber initially set his account to private, but received a barrage of abuse from fans before he completely deleted it.

His move came after he got into an epic verbal tirade with Gomez, 24, that began when she allegedly chimed in on one of his posts.

“I’m gonna make my Instagram private if you guys don’t stop the hate this is getting out of hand,” he wrote alongside a black-and-white photo of him and 17-year-old Sofia. “If you guys are really fans you wouldn’t be so mean to people like that.”

The “Kill Em With Kindness” singer was quick to comment.

“If you can’t handle the hate then stop posting pictures of your girlfriend lol – it should be special between you two only. Don’t be mad at your fans. They love you.”

Things quickly turned ugly as Bieber spat: “It’s funny to see people that used me for attention and still trying to point the finger this way. Sad. All love. I’m not one for anyone receiving hate.”


Not content to let it rest there, Gomez retaliated: “Funny how the ones that cheated multiple times, are pointing the finger at the ones that were forgiving and supportive, no wonder fans are mad. Sad. All love.”

Bieber was determined to have the last word however and insinuated to their fans that she had been unfaithful with former One Direction star Zayn Malik.

“I cheated… Oh I forgot about You and Zayn?”

Bieber currently still has his Facebook and Twitter pages active.

The message on his Instagram page now says: “Sorry this page isn’t available. The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.”


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