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ENTEMBENI HORROR!! President Mugabe Age Mates Brutally Assaulted, Treated Like Animals!! (VIDEO)

President Robert Mugabe’s age mates at the under favored Entembeni Old People’s Home in Bulawayo are as a rule allegedly pummeled by the home’s staff members, while additionally being dealt with like museum animals.

A portion of the workers at Entembeni beat up the elderly for things like ruining themselves and annoy them compelling them to do errands they can not do anymore. Relatives truly dump their aged people there and completely forget about them, leaving them to the mercy of the staffers.
“We are not a museum” 

Staff Reporter | The elderly residents at Entembeni have since complained saying people are using them for a museum show where they come to “view” the elderly and take photos for internet publications.


In a discussion with a correspondent Wednesday one of the residents, a 94 year old woman, said that they get many visits from people including young children appearing to be visiting the home, just to take photographs with them and spread them on social media appearing as if caring. But they totally ignore the horrors the residents face inside the buildings.

The old woman who refused to be named, said the old people at the home are worried that they receive continuous visits from schools, non governmental organisations and individuals but they are always left battling with the troubles inside the home.


Entembeni Old People’s Home is currently home to about 40 elderly people and is faced with severe financial challenges especially funding to take care of the daily provisions of the residents. The food situation in the home is so dire that the old people are making do with two meals of traditional maize meal and beans continuously. With an expected very cold winter on its way this year, most of the elderly people will be exposed to the cold due to a shortage of bedding.

The old woman said their situation is near to a prison as their living conditions are very difficult. She said most of her colleagues are faced with a challenge of access to medication and basic health care as their advanced age requires them to be continuously attended to.

According to the lady, authorities at the home always do their best to take them for hospital attention when need be but the hospitals always write up prescriptions for the old people who fail to buy the medication due to lack of funds.

Asked what their family members back home are doing about their welfare, the old gogo said families are treating the place like a dumping ground where they come to dump their old grand parents and forget about them. She said family members hardly visit them or pay anything for their welfare.

On a very disturbing note, the old woman indicated to that some of the employees at the home physically abuse the old residents to an extent of even assaulting them sometimes for unavoidable instances like when the old people soil themselves. She said that some of the employees are not kind to the old people and do not deserve to be working at the centre.

At the time of writing however, we failed to get hold of the authorities for a comment.



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