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English Crisis: This is What Emmanuel Macron Told Paul Biya on the Phone (Video)

On Wednesday 05 July 2018, during an interview with Canal2 International, French President Emmanuel Macron claimed to have had Paul Biya on the phone and clarified Paris’ position in the crisis that is shaking the North-West regions and Southwest.

On June 30, the two Heads of State spoke generally about security, the future of the Francophonie and the African Union, whose 31st summit was held on weekends in Mauritania.


” I had Paul Biya on the phone before coming to the African Union first because I knew he would not be present, as I was visiting one of his neighbors, it was important that we have an exchange. Listen we talked about the big topics in progress. Cameroon has a great challenge, which is the cohesion of the stability of the state, we know the tensions in the English-speaking region, and here too I have given my full support to the government so that it can just go to stability. Stability also goes towards the recognition of the pluralistic and sometimes decentralized elements that make it possible to solve these problems and tensions. I think what the region needs is stability and what the region needs is finding the right regulatory models. It is not up to the president of France but to accompany all these reforms, of decentralization, of regional freedom that are offered in a clear national framework. I think that many of these topics too can find a favorable outcome through better regional integration. And I said it I really believe in the strength of regional integration for Nigeria as well as for Cameroon within ECOWAS and all that France can do to facilitate including in the framework of a monetary policy, France will do it “




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