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England: New Couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Threatened With Death?

British special forces were put at the disposal of the duke and the Duchess of Sussex to ensure their protection following fears that the royal couple could be targeted by the Taliban.

The threat would be directly related to the comments of the former soldier, Prince Harry, when he was a helicopter pilot.

In 2013, he boasted of detonating “Taliban extremists” and confirmed that he had killed Taliban fighters, reports

Asked if he killed when he was on duty, Prince Harry said, “Yes. Several people did it. “


He went on to say why it was necessary. “To take one life to save another is our duty, I suppose. If there are people who are trying to hurt our guys, then we will kill them. “

Prince Harry’s comments sparked a huge outcry over fears that they could ignite the already tense situation in Afghanistan.

While the couple is already well protected in their home at Kensington Palace, The Sun reports that their country house has been turned into a fortress, with the same level of anti-terrorism security as that offered at Buckingham Palace. Cameras would have been placed strategically on the property to spot the intruders.



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