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England’ Court Orders “Unfaithful” Zimbabwean Woman to Repay All Properties Received from Her Ex Fiance

A Zimbabwean “unfaithful” nurse has been ordered to repay her former boyfriend £ 116,000 as a result of an alleged affair with another man.

37-year-old Trish Garikayi, who is based in England, has admitted to receiving a £ 9,000 Porsche 911 and a £ 100,000 diamond bracelet from a wealthy businessman, 58-year-old Wisdom Penfold. But, she just revealed also having an affair with another man.

The court learned that £ 218,000 had been paid into Garikayi’s account following the sale by Mr Penfold of two investment properties.


Insisting that money was a gift, she said that throughout the relationship, “if I wanted something, I would get it”.


“As for the discussion I had with Wisdom, these are gifts for me.

“We were in love, the relationship was strong at that time. So it was not necessary for me to ask questions. “His lawyer, Chike Ezike, added,” The nature of the relationship was one in which Mr. Penfold granted and lavished lavish gifts on Miss Garikayi. “

It was also alleged that Garikayi had spent some of the money for herself and £ 91,000 to buy a property in Harare, Zimbabwe, without her permission.

Mr. Penfold had no choice but to take the case to court, where a judge ruled that she had “misappropriated” the money Mr. Penfold had given him when he was blinded by ‘love.

The judge then ordered him to pay his ex-boyfriend £ 116,000 and give him 20% of his home, £ 340,000.

After the judge had handed down her verdict, Garikayi threw her £ 2,500 engagement ring to her ex-fiance, who then quietly picked her up and handed her over to her lawyer.

The Central County Court of London has learned how Garikayi claimed to be a “woman we care for” and insisted that the money, like the luxury goods he offered, was unrecorded .


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