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England-based African Couple Simulates Husband’s Death to Claim £400,000 Insurance Premium

Many people subscribe to insurance to protect their future from the unexpected. However, there are also some who use fraud to claim their insurance premium.

According to reports, an African couple, Bekezela and Thulile Bhebhe, based in England, are facing jail time for committing insurance fraud.


According to the Daily Mail, 52-year-old husband Bekezela Bhebhe simulated his own death between August 1 and September 30, 2016. This was to ensure that his wife could get a life insurance premium of nearly 400,000 £.

Prosecutor Julian Pozimski revealed that if convicted Bekezela of Zimbabwean nationality could be sentenced to five years in prison. Thulile, a 49-year-old South African who admitted the crime at a hearing, would be sentenced after her husband’s trial.

The couple was released on bail unconditionally.


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