‘Emulate President Mugabe’s Selfless Commitment’, – Rev. Malunga to Zimbabweans

Youths have been urged to emulate President Robert Mugabe’s iconic leadership and shun fly-by night politicians whose agenda is to push for regime change.

Tehillar Christian Network (TCN) founder Reverend Sam Malunga said the youths should embrace President Mugabe’s wise guidance given his commitment to selflessly serving the nation.

“President Mugabe is a tested and tried leader who has cultivated leadership qualities and expertise with time, encountering challenges, sufferings and has been able to stand and remain committed to the cause of his people and the nation,” said Rev Malunga.


Youths, he said, should not be influenced by national detractors seeking to cause civil unrest by sponsoring violent demonstrations against the lawful Government of President Mugabe.

“We urge our youths to take President Mugabe for their model and pace-setter and not be swayed by fly-by night politicians and chauvinists whose agenda is to enrich themselves and are not ready to serve the nation,” he said.

Rev Malunga said the youths had a bright future with the wise guidance of President Mugabe.

He said churches under the banner of TCN had embarked on prayer intercessions ahead of the President’s nationwide tour to meet youths in all provinces.


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