Emmanuel Macron to An Unemployed Person: “I Cross the Street, I Find You [Work]” (VIDEO)

During Heritage Days, Emmanuel Macron met curious Frenchmen to visit the Elysée Palace. Discussing with a job seeker, the president advised him to reorient himself in hotels or restaurants.

Did you study economics, literature or horticulture? For Emmanuel Macron, it does not matter. If you can not find a job, you need to challenge your skills to work in … the building or the restoration. This is in any case the opinion that develops Emmanuel Macron in a sequence, shot on September 15 in the courtyard of the Elysée on the occasion of the Heritage Days, and captured by several media and Internet users.

Among the citizens who came to visit the presidential palace, Emmanuel Macron interacted with a job seeker, who told him of his suffering not to find employment in his sector, horticulture. Emmanuel Macron then gives him a piece of advice: “If you are ready or motivated, in the hotel, cafe, catering, building, there is not a place where I go where they do not say they seek people.”

The jobseeker insists that he sent CVs to the employers and that they were left unanswered.

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Emmanuel Macron continues his reasoning: “I cross the street, I find you [work]. […] You go to Montparnasse for example, you make the street with all the cafes and all the restaurants, frankly, I am sure that there is one out of two who is recruiting at the moment. ”

“They just want people who are ready to work, with the constraints of the job” continues the head of state, without mentioning any problems that may arise: need for the job seeker to review its ambitions to the decline, mobility, low wages, high cost of living in one of the most expensive departments in France.

The individual seen as a malleable workforce: a concept specific to the ideology of the start-up nation ?


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