Emmanuel Macron to Algiers: “Why Are You Mistaken Me For Colonization? “

French President Emmanuel Macron greets people in the crowd in Algiers, Algeria December 6, 2017. REUTERS / Ramzi Boudina

Last year, the French president created controversy by claiming that French colonization in Algeria was a crime against humanity. In the streets of the Algerian capital on Wednesday, he was questioned by a young man on this subject: “France must assume its colonial past vis-à-vis Algeria,” he said. Macron replied that France had “long since assumed” its history. “You avoid the substance of the subject,” retorts the young man.It was probably the phrase too many. Macron took two minutes to reframe it. “Who avoids what? I avoid coming to see you? I avoid saying what happened? But things happened, as I said … There are people who have lived love stories here. There are people, French, who still love Algeria, who have contributed and who have done beautiful things, there are some who have done atrocious things. We have this story between us but I am not a prisoner. But how old are you? ”

This is where the youngster tells him he is 25 years old. “But you never knew colonization! What are you confusing me with that? You your generation, she must look to the future! Macron replies.


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