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Emmanuel Macron Responds to Those Who Did Not Like His Words to the Burkinabe President [Video]

In an interview he gave to the journalists of France24 and RFI, Wednesday, November 29, French President Emmanuel Macron returned to his response to this young student from Burkina Faso who had questioned him about the fact that we had just inaugurated a solar power station but the air conditioning did not work in this university amphitheater. Faced with this question, Emmanuel Macron answered the student by letting him know that this work was done by President Kaboré.


Emmanuel Macron judged “ridiculous” Wednesday night the controversy over his joke aimed at his Burkinabè counterpart, stressing that it would be “strange to consider that we can not humor with an African leader.”


”  But I do not want to deal with electricity in universities in Burkina Faso, it’s the job of the president! “, He replied, pointing to Roch Marc Christian Kaboré.

A few seconds later, the Burkinabè president had risen from his chair and headed for the exit door of the amphitheater. What had pushed Emmanuel Macron to add a layer: “the president is going to arrange the air conditioning”.

Several observers had judged these remarks to be very inappropriate especially to a president. They were even likened to a form of humiliation. Given the scale of this affair and especially in view of the unfortunate judgments expressed by many Africans, Emmanuel Macron kindly replied that it was humor. He is in the habit of doing this with other counterparts. For the French president there is no harm in joking with an African president. Moreover, he is used to Roch Marc Kaboré, according to him.

But the question is whether the place was well indicated? At that moment, it was neither the place nor the moment to joke. Which presidents Emmanuel Macron often address in this way in public


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