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Emmanuel Macron Allegedly Tells A Moroccan Woman To Return To Her Country And Here’s Why.


Then he came to the inauguration of the 33rd winter campaign distribution heart of Eating in Paris, Tuesday, November 21, Emmanuel Macron had an exchange with a Moroccan who was filmed by TV cameras. This is an exchange that lasted only a few minutes. Thanks to the cameras that filmed the scene.

Tuesday, November 21, Emmanuel Macron went to the inauguration of the 33rd winter campaign distribution of the heart Eating, held in the French capital. He was challenged on leaving the center by local residents.


Through the conversation, a Moroccan woman indicates that she arrived in France several years ago thanks to a commercial visa. She lives there to help her sick parents, who are also residents in France.


Defending his asylum policy, the French president launched into the crowd ”  France is a generous country, but it can not accommodate all the misery of the world.” Then questioned by a Moroccan who asked for asylum in France, Brigitte Macron’s husband replied that ”  France could not accommodate all the people who come on business visas or student, and who stay after” . “I can not lie to you. So after, you have to go back to your country. I tell you frankly,  “suggested Emmanuel Macron.

”  After, we help people when they are sick. But I can not give papers to anyone who does not have one.How else do I do it, with people who are already there, and who can not find a job,  “said Emmanuel Macron.

”  You have to protect very weak people who are insecure at home, but if you are not in danger in your country, you have to go back to your country. In Morocco, you are not in danger  “, repeated the head of state to this woman, who explained that her parents, residing in France, were sick. ”  You can visit them regularly if you want. If they are there, they are treated. That’s right in France. It’s already very generous, you imagine,  “added the president.


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