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Emmanuel Eboué: Prince Harry And Steve Gohouri; The Two People Who Helped Him Overcome His Depression

Former Arsenal star Emmanuel Eboue revealed that Prince Harry and his late teammate Steve Gohouri helped him overcome his depression.

Prince Harry’s decision to open up on his own therapy earlier this year seems to have helped the Ivorian footballer believe he could get help.

Football Emmanuel Eboue-under-the-influence-of-a-Nigerian pastor

“I saw that he had a problem after the death of his mother, it helped me,” Ivorian told The Mirror newspaper. “I said to myself, if the Prince has this problem and he has the courage to talk about it, why not me? “.

Emmanuel Eboué: here are the two people who helped him overcome his depression (photos)

In April, Harry spoke about the positive impact of therapy after two years in “total chaos” and nearly 20 years to think about the death of his mother, Princess Diana.


“People in Africa said that I went crazy. But I watched a recording of Prince Harry that helped me a lot, “he added.

The former Ivorian international also revealed that he is still haunted by the death of his former teammate Steve Gohouri, found dead in January 2016 when he was only 34 years old.

Emmanuel Eboué: here are the two people who helped him overcome his depression (photos)

Gohouri was a Premier League star. His body was found in the Rhein River in Germany. “We played together for the Ivorian national team many years ago,” said Eboue. “He was very depressed. He committed suicide. He committed suicide. I did everything with him. He was playing for Wigan in England. Then he went to Germany.

“One day, when he could not stand it anymore, he got into his car and threw himself into the sea. They looked for him for a week before finding him. Since I think of his story, I am determined not to do what he did. I pray every day. I want God to help me take this idea out of my head. I do not want to have suicidal thoughts anymore. I want God to cheer me up. ”

For Reminder, Emmanuel Eboue was ruined after his divorce with his wife with whom he had two daughters.


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