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Emmanuel Adebayor Asks a Ghanaian Actor to Choose a Car from Among His Multi-million Dollar Fleet of Luxury Cars

Famous Togolese football star Emmanuel Adebayor asked a Ghanaian comedian by the name of Funny Face to go home and pick any car from his multi-million dollar fleet

In a tweet, the Togolese international said that Funny Face had marked his day and as a reward, he asked the actor to go choose one of his cars and come back with.

Emmanuel Adebayor asks a Ghanaian actor to choose a vehicle from among his cars

In another video, Funny Face was seen in the Adebayor mansion located in Accra when he seemed to be spoiled for choice as to which car to choose due to the type of luxury cars available in Adebayor’s garage .


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Is abt time 😍🙏.. @e_adebayor make I use ur cars flex small 😀.. when u come back to Ghana .. I will give u .. LAN T soya Milk , DUO DUO peanuts , ICE 🧊 JOY and special NIVEA in a bag .. u’ve supported my brand for over 9 years now .. is abt time I return da favour .. which Private Plane is da Plane of ur dreams ? So I buy for u !! ❤️🙏😀 u have only 15 minutes to answer .. and I know uve gone for training by dis time .. 😀👍 so u can’t come and answer on time ❤️💪🏽🤪 so meet me in my dreams and take it 💴🙏😀 .. on da real .. GOD bless u bro .. tanx for ur motivation and encouragement bro @e_adebayor .. Keep shinning bro 🙏. KASOA VANDAMME “ ei go over you “ my #ELLAandBELLA👯‍♀️ the #CHILDRENPRESIDENT

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Emmanuel Adebayor is known for being a big-hearted celebrity who randomly blesses people without expecting anything in return.

The Togolese international is considered one of the richest African football stars but has always had a special affection for the poor.

It should be remembered that this is not the first time that the footballer has given the actor a gift. In 2012, this same actor had received a Range Rover as a gift from Adebayor.


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