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Emmanuel Adebayor: 10 Photos of the Togolese Football Star Flaunting His Wealth on Social Media

Renowned football star Emmanuel Adebayor is regarded as one of the richest footballers in Africa currently.

The Togolese international has really made money in football especially when he decided to move from Arsenal to Manchester City.

Adebayor became one of the highest-paid players in the world following his transfer to the Manchester-based club.

The lanky goal poacher has been living lavishly and he is not afraid to flaunt what God has blessed him with.

Adebayor can boast of many houses in Ghana and Togo and also owns expensive cars.

He has been showing off his wealth on social media to inspire others.

We put together 10 photos of Adebayor showing his mansions and cars.

1. Adebayor showed off one of his cars:

2. Another toy:

3. On a bike inside his mansion:

4. He displayed his home cinema:

5. Big boy living:


6. Adebayor flaunts another monster in this photo:

7. He has really got money:

8. The football star shows off his swag here:

9. He is not afraid to flaunt his assets:

10. He loves cars:

Adebayor has released photos of himself and many Ghanaian celebrities including social media users have been speaking well about the former Arsenal man.

In the photos, Adebayor left his mansion and all his money to mingle with the people trying to make ends meet on the streets.

From the photos, Adebayor, wearing a simple outfit is seen buying coconut on the street as he smiled with the seller.


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