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Embracing the change you don’t want -Billionaire Chris Kirubi

It is not often that you will be willing to accept changes you don’t want. In any case, many of us are quite comfortable living within our current status quo. This, according to Billionaire Chris Kirubi, is often our undoing. Here is an adaptation of his take on why you must learn to accept the changes you loathe.

“For most of us, unexpected change occurs more often than not in our personal lives than it does in our professional lives. It’s not easy dealing with something that interrupts your daily schedule or way of life.

Nothing in life is guaranteed. When unexpected change hits us, it hits us hard. Your life has been destabilized and you become confused. In as much as you may want to live as though everything will be alright, at that moment you are not sure if you will survive the outcome of the change. While the below may seem easier said than done, it’s worth a try if it will help you go through unexpected change.

Hardly can you ever be well prepared for unexpected changes in the society. However, what you do when/after the change happens is what matters most.

You must learn to accept the change. It may not be easy to move on at that particular time but accepting that change has occurred will help you understand the situation you are in and help pick up the pieces. Many a times when faced with unexpected change such as retrenchment, we feel as though the world is closing in on us. Little do we know that we are being given an opportunity  to sit and re-evaluate our goals.


I lost my parents when I was very young and at that time I knew my life was over. My hope and dream of going to school and becoming a successful person was destroyed. Somewhere along the way, I met some well-wishers who took time to speak to me and restore my hope. I woke up from self-pity and began my life again. It spurred the leader in me and I began taking charge even of my siblings.

You see friends, we don’t realize that unexpected change reveals opportunities that spur growth and positive results. It may be a setback but it’s actually an opportunity to reflect, learn and plan your next move. Once you understand and accept the change, channel your mind to focus on the positive effects of the loss you have encountered.

For those who lose their jobs, it may spur an opportunity to be self-employed, change careers or to regroup and begin looking for other job opportunities. The cards are still on the table, the water is still in the glass jar whether half  full or empty and the pieces from this game of chess are still available. Change tactics, begin again and play right.

This is the time you tap into your network (family, friends and professionals) not only for support but also to engage in healthy conversations that could open doors for you. Seek advice and take your time to plan yourself because from this point on, it should only get better. Use the small channels around you to elevate you and your situation and to push you further.

Unexpected change is unfortunate. It may destabilize you for a moment but don’t allow it to disable you for life. Change will rob you of certain things in life but don’t let it steal your hope.”


Written by How Africa

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