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Embattled R. Kelly Concert in Dubai: The Royal Family Breaks Silence and Clears the Air

R. Kelly has never been scheduled for a concert in Dubai. The Dubai government denied the information that the singer was to perform in the Sheikhdom.

Forbidden to leave the country after accusations of sexual abuse against him, R. Kelly recently asked the US court to let him go to Dubai to perform concerts.

In a statement, the government’s media office in Dubai also denied his lawyer’s claims in court that Kelly was scheduled to meet the royal family.

“The Dubai authorities have not received any request for a concert and no room has been reserved. R. Kelly was never invited by the Dubai royal family for a concert, “reads the statement.


In an email sent to the Associated Press, R. Kelly’s lawyer, Steven A. Greenberg, stated, “Mr. Kelly had signed a contract with a legitimate promoter, and all information included in the travel motion came from this contract. . We did not say he was invited by the royal family, but the contract provided that he would be available to meet them. “

The singer who faces charges of sexual abuse was recently jailed before being released on bail.

“Before being arrested, Mr. Kelly signed a contract to give between 3 and 5 concerts in Dubai, in April 2019. He asks permission to go to Dubai for shows. While he is there, he is supposed to meet the royal family, “reads a document from the court.

However, the document filed in court gives no details of where Kelly is supposed to occur.


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