‘Emad’: The First Iranian Missile Capable of Annihilating Israel in 7 Minutes

The long-range ground-to-ground ballistic missile, which has been designed and manufactured by Iranian scientists and engineers, is called Emad.

The ballistic power of Iran is one of the achievements and one of the pride of the Islamic Republic militarily and defensively. A considerable progress, whose kick-off dates back to the war imposed by Iraq. At the time, almost every country in the world refused to provide Iran with the weapons needed for defense against a military aggression, supported by several parties.

Today, Iran’s domestic capabilities allow it to unveil, at short intervals, new modern missiles that amaze the enemy and showcase, at the same time, the defensive ballistic power of the Islamic Republic. Iran is not waiting for permission from any party to strengthen its ballistics. The manufacture of the Emad missile supports this claim.

A remarkable symbol of the great success of the Iranian defensive industry, the Emad missile represents a modified version of the Qadr missile or an optimized version of the Shahab-3 missile. However, it is distinguished by its cone-shaped warhead.

Emad is the first Iranian long-range ballistic missile that was manufactured and unveiled by the Guard Corps of the Islamic Revolution. Ballistic missiles are able to move at high altitude thanks to their thruster and they make a free fall towards their target using gravity.


According to Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the aerospace force of the Guards Corps of the Islamic Revolution, “the Emad’s range is 1,700 kilometers.”

Equipped with a 700-kilogram warhead, the Emad is a ground-to-ground long-range unmanned missile, distinguished from other Iranian missiles by its peculiar characteristics. The liquid fuel of this missile constitutes a great advance in the field of ballistic propulsion of Iran.

Small wings that the Emad’s warhead has at its disposal enable remote guidance until the end of its journey and at the same time offer it a very high precision with a margin of error of less than 10 meters.

The launch pad of the Emad missile has been designed so that it can be used in any circumstance. One of the factors allowing a better control and guidance of a missile is the mobile or fixed nature of the launching pad. The launch pad of the Emad is precisely fixed and mobile.

Israel currently has air defense systems designed to intercept and destroy ballistic missiles. The Arrow 3 (Hetz 3) is one of the most powerful Israeli systems yet remains unable to block the Emad.

The Israeli website specializing in ballistic affairs explicitly recognizes, in a report, the Emad missile’s ability to bypass Arrow 3, designed and manufactured by Israel’s Aerospace Industries and US aircraft and aerospace manufacturer Boeing.

Source:  PRESSTV


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