Elon Musk Compares Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau To Hitler


Tesla CEO Elon Musk suffered a backlash after sharing a satirical tweet comparing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in the wake of the ongoing ‘Freedom Convoy’ protests, launched by those against the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.


Musk was responding to a Twitter post by the trade publication CoinDesk which reported that the Canadian government was cracking down on crypto transactions aimed at helping the truckers protesting vaccine mandates.

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The chief executive of Tesla tweeted a meme that showed a photo of Hitler with the words “Stop comparing me to Justin Trudeau” above the image and “I had a budget” below.

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The tweet, which Musk deleted about 12 hours after he posted it, was criticized by other Twitter users, one of whom wrote: “This is extremely poor taste, not a good look at all, there is [a] better way to make an argument.


The American Jewish Committee issued a statement condemning Musk’s tweet. “Once again, Elon Musk has exercised extremely poor judgment by invoking Hitler to make a point on social media. He must stop this unacceptable behavior,” the AJC said. “Musk may believe posting a meme comparing Justin Trudeau to a genocidal dictator who exterminated millions is an appropriate way to criticize policies he disagrees with. It is not. It never is


The group added: “Musk must apologize and find other ways to voice his displeasure.”


Musk did not respond to the AJC or the Auschwitz-Birkenau museum, but posted another tweet that suggested his Twitter followers read a book about the economic history of Nazi Germany for “an in-depth explanation”.


The world’s richest man has frequently spoken out in favour of the Canadian trucker protests against Covid-19 mandates. Last month he posted a photo of the long line of trucks and tweeted: “Canadian truckers rule”. In another post he said: “If Canadian government is suppressing peaceful protests, that’s where fascism lies.”


Musk has ties to Canada. His mother, Maye Musk, is a Canadian national. The Tesla boss moved with his family to Canada from his native South Africa at a young age. He then relocated to the United States as a young adult to pursue his studies at the University of Pennsylvania.



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