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Elliot Brighton Moyo: Family of ‘Resurrected Man’ Breaks Silence, Claims His Death Was Mysterious and Painful

The family of Elliot Brighton Moyo, who was believed to have been resurrected by Pastor Alph Lukau in February, opened up about the circumstances of his death.

The family of the ‘resurrected man’ claims he died a painful and mysterious death at the home of his father-in-law in Zimbabwe.

According to relatives close to him, Moyo (whose real name was Thabiso Proud Mlanje), bled from his nose and mouth before passing away.

It was reported that his family believes he had contracted food poisoning, but they also revealed that the circumstances around his death were strange.


Moyo’s grandmother, Emily, explained that she wished someone would explain to her what has been happening in South Africa:

“I wish someone could explain to me what was happening in South Africa because I hear he was once dead for three days and was resurrected by a pastor.”

Emily also revealed that her grandson had been vomiting blood before he died. His brother, Stanley Mlanje, said he had so many questions to ask his brother when he returned home about the ‘resurrection’, but he could see his brother was not well so he decided to put it on hold. He said:

“I had so many questions to ask him about that whole resurrection thing but I couldn’t, because when I talked to him he was not so well, so I thought I would ask him when he got better.”

The news of Moyo’s death shocked social media users who called on Pastor Lukau to repeat his previous ‘miracle’.

Recently, many Nigerians frowned at Sam Adeyemi after he condemned traditional gods and called them foolish.


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