This Elephant Knocks Its Head Against Trees Due To Severe Pain. The reason is speechless!!!

Recently, Mana Pools, Zimbabwe’s largest nature reserve, witnessed the terrible drama. Poachers decided to shoot an elephant to get its valuable tusks. As you know, ivory is still highly valued all over the world.


Wildlife traffickers hunted down several elephants and opened fire. One of the animals was hit right in the forehead. Fortunately, this time, the poachers failed to seal the deal due to an arrival of a ranger patrol that heard the shots.


The criminals disappeared before the police arrived. The wounded animal was left alone to suffer the terrible pain caused a bullet stuck in its head.

A few days later, rangers noticed strange behavior of the elephant. It constantly blew the trunk and chafed against tree branches with its head. They watched the animal over some time and soon noticed the wound. Veterinarians arrived as soon as possible.


The painful wound discharged pus.


The elephant didn’t allow people to approach. Apparently, fresh memories of pain caused by the poachers hunted it. For this reason, the animal was narcotized with tranquilizers. Based on x-rays, doctors concluded that the bullet had been stuck in the skull a few centimeters ahead the brain. Experts decided to perform an urgent surgery. In addition to the bullet, they removed a part of the bone which was dying off.







Fortunately, treatment was successful. Upon awaking, the elephant habitually began to rub its head against a tree, but feeling a positive change in its body, just lied down under a tree and fell asleep. The next day, it felt way better.



The elephant got a Pretty Boy nickname thanks to quick recovery and esprit. Unfortunately, hundreds of Wicked Men with big guns hunt down such Pretty Boys every day.




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