Electronic Cigarettes – The First Batch of Diseases Are Already Manifesting!!

The electronic cigarette has grown dramatically in recent years. The reason for its success. It was finally a healthy alternative to normal cigarettes. Another way to have his dose of Nicotine daily, without putting his health in danger.
However, the reality is quite different. More than 47 electronic cigarette brands out of 51 studied, contain diacetyl. Which is a chemical whose taste is similar to that of butter. Diacetyl is responsible for a severe lung disease called “bronchitis obliterans”, also known as “Popcorn lungs”, because it spread rapidly among workers in some factories in Popcorn who handled the product.

In “normal” time Obliterative bronchitis is a complication, observed during heart or lung transplants. Transplant patients generally present a major risk of contracting this disease in the days following their transplant.

But since the factory workers’ affair at Popcorn, we know with certainty that diacetyl is also the cause of this disease.


Well, the recharge liquids of electronic cigarettes contain large amounts of diacetyl, which exposes the “vapoteurs” to this disease which often results in the symptoms of a simple inflammation of the bronchi,

  • Dry cough,
  • Shortness of breath that gets worse after physical exertion,
  • whistling
  • tired,
  • Fever,
  • night sweats,
  • weightloss

The disease is difficult to diagnose alone a computed tomography, a biopsy or even X-rays can lead to a diagnosis of the pathology. Even today, despite the discovery of this real danger to health, scientists lack data to determine the true level of dangerousness of the electronic cigarette, which already has many smokers who naively believe that by using it Protect their health.
This one very probably has many black designs to reveal. Some of them will unfortunately be discovered only by observing their effects on the thousands of people who have accepted to serve as guinea pig without their knowledge.


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