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Election Of Macron: To The Africans, The Independence Does Not Offer, It Is Plucked… 

“In Africa, France flattered the president, spared the opponent, and armed the maquis,” said an old Chadian diplomat.

This triptych, which has always been a source of happiness for the country of Marianne, and ensured the control of its large multinationals over entire sections of our mining and financial resources, will not stop with the election of a new president, especially Which all media and surveys paint as a great friend of the MEDEF (French Business Movement), and a high-income banker, former employee of the Rothschild bank.


The election of the business banker, which some consider to be the product of the chaos theory developed by the neo-liberal oligarchy, will only maintain the unbalanced and inequitable relationship that has always existed between black Africa and The former colonial power, why would Macron change a policy that makes his fellow citizens happy? A policy which ensures France a place in the UN Security Council, a policy that illuminates its great avenues with Tarlit uranium while the districts of Niamey are plunged into the dark, a policy that gives it the privilege To establish military camps in strategic areas of supposedly independent countries, notably in Ouakam.

For the courtesies and smiles of our leaders, those who take advantage of this situation to inflate their bank accounts and set up manners in the upscale neighborhoods of Paris, all of whom have sent letters of congratulations, and asked for continuity of operation And domination.

Until African countries are led by patriots like Mamadou Dia, Sankara or Lumbumba, as long as they do not tap on the table, so long as a collective citizen conscience does not submerge Africa, To tell France that enough is enough, and well the suffering will endure.


Written by How Africa

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