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Eight Million Cameroonians Live Below the Poverty Line: New Survey Shows

At least eight million Cameroonians, nearly a third of the country’s total population, live below the poverty line.

This means that they earn less than 931 CFA francs per day, according to the figures of the National Institute of Statistics (INS) published at the end of the fourth Cameroonian Household Survey (ECAM 4).

The survey initiated in 2014 with a Cameroonian population estimated at nearly 22 million inhabitants revealed that 37.5% of Cameroonians are poor, or 8 088 876 people living under the poverty line of 339 715 CFA francs per adult and per year.


These incomes do not meet basic needs such as food, health care or school.

Confirming the survey conducted earlier in 2007, it appears that ten years later, the poor live mainly in the countryside and represent 90.4% of the poor.

The three main regions with the majority of the poor population are the Far North with 35.8%, the North with 20.1% and the North West with 13.2%.

The majority of the poor are counted, especially in families with eight or more people, or 48% of households, while those whose head is out of school are in second place with 46.9%.

In addition, the poor come mainly from households whose parents are farmers, fishermen and herders or who work in the informal agricultural sector.

The NSI points out that respondents believe that the three main causes of poverty are, in order of importance, lack of employment, laziness and corruption or mismanagement.



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