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Eight Best Dressed Managers In Premier League This Season REVEALED!!

Besides their football tactics, fashion styles are other ingredients used by club managers to add more entertainment to the beautiful game. From Wenger’s long coats, Guardiola’s tight trousers and Klopp’s jampa, let’s look at 10 best dressed managers in the Premier League this season.

8.Alan Pardew   

Alan Pardew suit The Crystal Palace manager is always seen in a cool suit, shirt and a tie.

7.Claudio Ranieri


The Italian tactician prefers varied clothing. He can dress suits, long coats and team’s training kits, and still look smart.

6.Mauricio Pochettino


The Tottenham manager is known to mix up his style from smart to casual, and can quite easily pull off both.

5.Jurgen Klopp



If you are the type of manager who is always running up and down like Jurgen Klopp, tight suits won’t be your thing. The Liverpool manager likes to wear Jampas, Jeans and shorts.

4.Antonio Conte


He is a ‘tight suits’ fan. This style matches with his body physique and makes him look smart on the touchline.

3.Arsene Wenger


The Arsenal manager always look class in his favourite red tie, white shirt and black suit sometimes associated with a long black coat during rainy or snowy days.

2.Jose Mourinho


The Portuguese tactician has been an admirer of blue during his time at Porto, Chelsea, and Inter Milan. Now he is at Manchester United and consequently decided to add red colour to his styles.

1.Pep Guardiola


He has been a stylish figure wherever he managed. From La Liga to Bundesliga and now Premier League, He can pull off the suit and shirt, knit and tie combinations so well. He always appears in a smart managerial look.


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