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Eight (8) Smartphone Options That Most People Do Not Know 

Smartphones have become indispensable objects in most countries across the globe. It has been found that with the progress and the successive updates that make these devices ever more powerful, most users do not use to 100% the functionalities of their smartphones. To make the use of these functionalities easier for you, we recommend you learn these few tips on Androids.

1- Secure mode

This mode is used to “purify” the system and eliminate unnecessary applications that prevent the device from functioning properly. To turn it on, turn on the phone or tablet, and then press and hold the power button again. When the menu appears, press and hold the “Turn Off” option. And when the Secure Mode option appears, click “Accept”.

2- Double-window mode


Would you like to read an eBook without having to change your window each time? So, use multiple window mode! To do this, press the current task button (to the right of the home button) in the desired application. The hic, is that this mode is unavailable.

3- Use offline maps


Roaming data can be very expensive. But what if you are lost and you need a plan? The best solution is to first download maps to your phone, disable the Internet but leave your GPS active. You will continue to see your position on the map, even without connection, thanks to the satellite data, without any additional cost.

4- Transform your Smartphone into a balance




It is possible to weigh a small object or fruit using a special app, which turns your smartphone into a scale. Install it, calibrate it using an object whose weight you know (for example a coin), and voila!

5- Pay with your smartphone as if it were a credit card


With NFC modules built into many smartphone models, you can link your bank cards to your account in the corresponding system ( Android Pay  or  Apple Pay ). You will be able to make a transaction with your mobile phone in the thousands of stores that accept contactless payment.

6- A scanner always within reach


You can  scan any document, text or photo, using your smartphone’s camera. To do this, use applications that, in addition to recognizing the document, can save it in the Cloud and send it to your contacts.

7- Connecting laptops to laptops

Maurizio Pesce

With the One-Touch-Go (OTG) option  , any modern smartphone can be connected to another device. For this, connect one of the devices via the normal USB port, and the other through the micro-USB port. Once they have both detected the cable, they are connected.

8- Download videos and audio tracks from Youtube


By default, Google masks its official store applications that allow you to download videos from YouTube. But there are other unofficial ones. Some have been recognized for a long time, others are more recent. They all work according to the same principle: by pasting the URL of the video into the application.


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