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Egypt’s President Urges World Leaders to Listen to their Youths

The president of Egypt, His Excellency Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, has appealed to world leaders to listen to and actively engage their youths in order to move their countries forward.

He sent this message while addressing over 7000 youths and delegates at the closing ceremony at the World Youth Forum held in Sharm Sheik, Egypt. According to the president, by believing in the youths, sharing their dreams, listening to them and giving them the opportunity to express themselves, world leaders will no longer give an opportunity to those who will want to use them as tools to spread hatred and violence.

El-Sisi said, “I want to send a message to the leaders of the world in their entirety: please listen to your youths, engage with them, share their dreams and aspirations and give them the opportunity to express themselves. “As Leaders, soar in their skies, make the youths people who take the floor and take the first steps, not followers. Believe in them, do not leave them prey to those who feed on their aspirations and use them as tools to spread hatred and violence. Fill their hearts with aspirations and endless support, open for them the gates of trust and give them the keys for leadership for there is no present without them and no future with anyone else but them.”

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The president expressed his belief in the youths of the world as they are the catalysts towards construction and development, pointing out that is the reason he has decided to engage youths actively in his country. “I believe in the youths, they are the partners of the present and they are the light of the future. They are the catalyst towards construction and development. Their ambitions have no ceiling, there are no boundaries for their dreams and maybe the experience of the World Youth Forum is the best proof to the fact that youths can turn dreams into a tangible reality.”

In her words, The Executive Director of the National Academy for Youth Training, Rasha Ragheb, announced the launch of an Africa initiative that will help in promoting digital transformation and governmental excellence in collaboration with African Union. Africa’s Regional United Nations Technology Innovation Lab to sponsor technology innovation. This was part of the 10 points recommendation given at the end of the programme.

She said that the digital space offers lots of opportunities for African youth we will be launching this initiative that will help in promoting digital transformation in Africa.

She added that we will be launching an African initiative to combat digital piracy to secure highly sensitive data (HSD). “We are also launching an Arab-African digital platform for publishing women’s studies and funding women initiatives,” she said. Ragheb who is the coordinator of the forum posited further that the forum will be forming a Euro-Mediterranean Committee to combat hate speech in cyberspace and develop mechanisms that would prevent hate practices on social media.

“We are launching a programme to train Euro-Mediterranean youth on leadership by the Egyptian National Academy for Youth Training,” she said.


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