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Why Egyptians Support New Law Tightening Divorce Procedures For Muslims

It is currently legal in Egypt for a Muslim husband to divorce his wife in her absence, with a right to initiate and conclude all divorce procedures without letting the wife know until the final stage.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in February suggested that divorce should be done before a cleric authorized by the government to administer marriage and divorce. The President called on the al-Azhar Grand Imam Ahmed al-Tayyeb to approve the issuance of a new law tightening divorce procedures for Muslims — including the annulment of verbal divorce according to the report by Egypt Independent.


However, after few weeks, a group of Islamic scholars, headed by al-Tayyeb, unanimously agreed that verbal divorce in Islam is valid and divorce comes into effect once the husband verbally divorces his wife, without the need to document it or have witnesses to the divorce.

The Baseera research show only 16 percent of Egyptians support the verbal divorce while 21 percent remain indecisive.

The poll showed that only 17 percent of Egyptians have heard about this bill. After reading a summary of the proposed bill to the respondents, 35 percent of Egyptians said they agree with this proposal, while 56 percent rejected it and 9 percent could not decide. Men showed the most support for the bill at 46 percent, compared to 24 percent of women. Subsequently, 68 percent of women rejected the bill compared to 44 percent of men polled.


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