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Egypt Ranked 12th World Greatest Military Power

Egyptian army is ranked the first greatest African military and 12th of 126 greatest world militaries.

This is according to rankings compiled by Global Firepower [GFP Power Index] of 2016.

Top Africa’s military giants includes Egypt[1], Algeria [2], Ethiopia[3], Nigeria[4], South Africa[5], Angola[6], Morocco[7],  Sudan[8], Libya[9], Democratic Republic of Congo[10], Kenya[11], Tunisia[12], Zimbabwe[13], Zambia[14], Chad[15]  and Uganda [16]

Worldwide, the top 12 militaries include [in descending order]; United States of America (North America), Russia (Asia), China (Asia), India (Asia), France (Europe), United Kingdom (Europe), Japan (Asia), Turkey (Asia; Middle East), Germany (Europe), Italy (Europe), South Korea (Asia) and Egypt (Africa; Middle East).

Egypt is the only African country to rival world militaries pushing many out of the biggest and mightiest top 12.

Out of a total Population of 88,487,396 people, Available Manpower is 42,000,000, those Fit for Service are 35,306,000, those Reaching Military Age Annually are 1,535,000, Active Frontline Personnel are 470,000 while Active Reserve Personnel are 800,000.

The country has 4,624 battle tanks, 13, 949 Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFVs), 889 Self-Propelled Guns, 2,360 Towed-Artillery and 1,481 Multiple-Launch Rocket Systems (MLRSs).

Egyptian airforce has 1,133 total Aircraft, 336 Fighters/Interceptors, 427 Fixed-Wing Attack Aircraft, 260 Transport Aircraft, 387 Trainer Aircraft, 255 Helicopters and 46 Attack Helicopters.

Its naval power has 11 Frigates, 2 Corvettes, 8 Submarines, 174 Coastal Defense Craft and 23 Mine Warfare.

Egypt has a Defense Budget of $4,400,000,000.

Source: globalfirepower

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