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Egypt Officially Opens First Public Electric Car Charging Station In Cairo

Egypt has opened its first public electric car charging station in the capital, Cairo. This innovation is part of the country’s initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint.

The charging station is developed by Revolta, a company that builds a network of electric car charging stations in Egypt, with the hope of extending it across North Africa.

According to Mohammed Badawi, CEO of Revolta, the first phase of the deployment of charging stations for electric cars in Egypt will include the opening of 65 charging stations spread between Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Port Said, Ismailia, Suez and the governorate of the Red Sea.

Mr. Badawi added that the charging stations will not only be located in service stations, but will also be built and deployed in shopping malls, hotels, universities, sports clubs and other public places where these cars can be parked. In total, 65 electric charging stations in Egypt will be deployed during this phase.


“This event is the cornerstone of the launch of electric cars in Egypt,” said Tareq Qabil, Egyptian Minister of Trade and Industry, in a speech to the media at the inauguration of the charging stations.

Indeed, the objective of deploying electric car charging stations in Egypt is to boost the North African country’s ambition to increase renewable energy consumption by 22% by 2020.

Earlier in 2018, the Egyptian Passenger Transport Authority signed an agreement with the Chinese automaker BYD, which will see the city of Alexandria be the first in Egypt and in the region to have 15 electric buses, the first bus to be delivered in March 2018. The rest of the 14 electric buses are expected in Alexandria in June 2018.

As part of this agreement, the city of Alexandria is also expected to have 18 electric bus charging stations built and installed throughout the city. And this, while keeping an electric car charging station will cost about $ 50 000 to the Egyptian state, according to the information given by the manufacturers.


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