Egypt, France Conduct Naval Drills in Mediterranean and Red Seas

Egyptian and French naval forces carried out joint military drills across the Mediterranean Sea on Sunday, the Egyptian military spokesman said in a statement.

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“The training included implementation of several activities of sailing formations day and night, which showed the power of the participating maritime units in taking its positions fast and accurately,” the spokesperson of the armed force, Tamer el-Refaie, said.


The naval exercises also included the implementation of a realistic scenario of meeting the challenges facing maritime security, combating terrorism and protecting vital maritime targets such as gas and oil platforms against typical threats, it added.

“In light of boosting special ties, enhancing cooperation and exchange of experiences between the Egyptian armed forces and its partners from friendly countries, elements from the Egyptian and French navies have conducted exercises with French Courbet and several Egyptian pieces,” the statement added.

Egypt regularly holds military exercises with Arab, African and Western states to boost military collaboration and exchange military expertise.

In early November, Egyptian and French naval forces carried out joint military drills across the Mediterranean Sea. Egypt also started the “Arab Shield 1” joint drills with forces from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait and Jordan at Egypt’s Mohamed Naguib military base in the Mediterranean province of Matrouh, the largest base in the Middle East and Africa.


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