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Effective Home Remedies To Increase Breast Milk

It is a great responsibility for the mothers to feed the younger ones with their breast milk. This milk contains all kinds of essential vitamins, minerals and other ingredients that is required for proper growth of the infants. Mother’s milk is very necessary for their younger ones as they cannot feed on other materials. Most of the mother suffers from problem such as less breast milk. This kind of problem can be due to various reasons such as changes in hormones, deficiency of nutrients, illness and harmful effects of medicines. All these problems must be kept at bay and proper methods should be applied to increase breast milk. Certain types of home remedies can help in this regard.



The process of warm compress mainly helps to increase the proper circulation of blood and thus produces more required amount of breast milk. It is a very damn easy process that can be applied at home. Massage the breast in circular motion. Soak one towel in warm water. Drain the water and apply the towel on the breast for few minutes. Repeat this process for some time.


Fenugreek seeds are also used to increase breast milk in mothers. There are certain types of compounds in these seeds that can help to increase the production of mother’s milk. It will help in stimulating the milk generating glands. Phytoestrogens will work perfectly and produce more amount of milk from the breast. Soak these seeds and use its water to prepare tea.


Fennel seeds contain galactogogue, which is a very important kind of compound required for production of breast milk. Add some of fennel seeds in hot water and cover the water for some time. Strain the liquid from it and drink it regularly to extract the best results from it. Fennel seeds should also be used in regular cooking.


Cumin seeds are also treated as best ingredients to stimulate milk in the breast. There are other kinds of benefits of taking cumin seeds. Mothers who want to increase their breast milk can use these seeds to boost the milk production. Add some cumin seeds powder along with sugar in warm milk and drink this solution for best kinds of results.


Cinnamon helps in proper secretion of breast milk in mothers. Nursing mothers who want to increase their milk can consume cinnamon on regular basis to boost the milk production. Take some cinnamon powder and mix some honey to it. Consume this solution along with some warm milk. This process should be done before going to bed.


Garlic has also properties to boost the production of breast milk. It will help in stimulating lactation and thus produces more amount of milk. Garlic can be consumed in various manners. Take some grated garlic cloves and add it to boiling water. Add some milk to it and boil it properly. Add some honey to it and consume it for desired kinds of results.


Basil leaves contain medicinal properties that can maintain proper health as well as boost the production of breast milk. Basil leaves will help to stimulate the production of milk from the breast. It is rich in carotene, thiamine, niacin as well as iron. Boil some of these leaves in water and strain the solution. Add honey to it and drink this solution for best results.


Drumstick that is used in few numbers of dishes can be used to increase breast milk. This particular vegetable can perfectly stimulate the mammary glands and help in the production of milk. Use this vegetable in various manners to extract the results from it. Extract the juice from it and drink it on regular basis. It is a very perfect home remedy for more production of breast milk.


Oatmeal can also deal with production of more breast milk. Deficiency of iron in the body will affect the production of milk in the breast. Oatmeal will help to meet the required amount of iron in mothers and will thus produce breast milk in sufficient amount. It can be consumed along with milk and other fruits to increase its taste and benefits. Consume it on daily basis.


A juice made with combination of carrots and beetroots can be used to produce more amount of breast milk. These two vegetables contain sufficient quantity of beta carotene. Other kinds of minerals and vitamins can also be found in carrots and beetroot. Blend these two vegetables to extract the juice. Add some honey to it and drink it regularly for proper results.

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