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Ebbah Wyse: Meet The 14-Year-Old Nigerian, Regarded As One Of The Best Young Mathematicians in Africa

14-year-old Ebbah Wyse is believed to be one of the best mathematicians in Nigeria.

Ebbah, who recently won the gold medal in the junior category at the Mathematics Olympiad held in South Africa, has garnered quite a bit of attention from many.

His school mate, Chidera Anakua, also took home the Bronze prize at the same competition.

Ebbah Wyse

The yearly Mathematics competition is organised by the South African Mathematics Foundation.

Established in 2004, the foundation aims at creating a mathematically enabling environment, which provides opportunities for all learners to develop to their fullest potential.

According to Uche Ogbu, the Head of Corporate Strategy for Greensprings, the school Ebbah and Chidera attend, the outcome of the South African Mathematics Olympiad has proven that Greensprings Schools is a cocoon for metamorphosing Albert Einsteins and Isaac Newtons.

“We are proud to announce them to the world as, mathematics champions of Africa. Greensprings School has been the natural habitat of a pantheon of very brilliant and excellent students over the years; our students have once again made Nigeria proud,” he said.


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