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To Eat or Not to Eat Bananas With Dark Spots?

Japanese scientists found an interesting substance in overripe bananas. The darker spots the banana has, the riper it is, and these bananas are the healthiest ones for immunity improvement since they contain TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor), a substance that fights against abnormal cells.


Moreover, the scientists discovered that the TNF helps in cancer treatment precisely because of the immunity improvement. Additionally, the consumption of these overripe bananas can serve as a preventive from certain diseases and tumors.  During the research, they also discovered that the content of the fruit changes as the fruit ripens more. The overripe banana becomes yellower, has darker spots and the level of antioxidants increases. TNF, besides aiding the immunity, increases the number of white blood cells.

Therefore, if you want a stronger immunity, eat one to two ripe bananas with dark spots.


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