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Eat A Banana A Day And See The Result – New Study by a Dietitian!!

Eating a banana every day brings to your body all the essential vitamins and minerals to be healthy. Yet, banana is shunned by Dietitians who discourage its consumption during a diet. Very nutritious, banana is a fruit with many benefits. As explained by a top dietitian, the below are the surprising reasons of banana consumption:

  • Eating a banana helps fight depression
  • Eating a Banana Fights Anemia
  • Eating a banana boosts the brain
  • Eating a Banana Treats a Hangover
  • Eating a calm banana morning sickness
  • Eating bananas treats mosquito bites
  • Eating a banana regulates the nervous system
  • Eating a banana stimulates transit
  • Eating a banana regulates the temperature of pregnant women

What do you say?


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