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Early Signs and Symptoms of HIV Every Woman Must Know

The spread of HIV is fast gaining grounds in Ghana, despite all the effort being made to curb the situation.

The Ministry of Health, the Ghana Aids Commission and other NGOs have been doing their best to educate citizens on how to prevent getting HIV, as well as offer treatment advice for those who already have it.

The disease was once known as one of the deadliest in the world, however, that is no longer that case due to several medications that are available to help prolong the lives of patients.

Many HIV symptoms are the same for men and women, but not all. Source: Google Images

Currently HIV has no cure, however, patients who have access to quality treatment and properly take their drugs are guaranteed living a bit longer than those who don’t seek medication.

When the HIV spreads and eats up into the whole body, the virus progresses to become AIDS. This is when the real symptoms show and the body is at its weakest point.


HIV/AIDS can affect anybody, whether man or woman. Therefore, there is the need to know the early symptoms so as to seek early treatment when you contract the virus.

Understanding the symptoms of HIV goes a long way to help one learn how to take care of themselves.

These symptoms have been broken into two, namely; the early stage symptoms and advanced stage symptoms.

Whiles the early stage symptoms are less noticeable by the patients, the advanced stage symptoms are more serious and the effects are more visible.

Below are some symptoms that must be taken seriously and could indicate that one has HIV.

Early stage symptoms include:

Body rush, Sore throat, Severe headaches, Fever, Fatigue, Nausea, Vomiting, Muscle pain and Night sweat.

Advanced stage symptoms

Persistent diarrhea



Pelvic inflammatory disease

Rapid weight loss

Sores and mouth ulcers

Recurring chills

Vaginal infection

Recurring fever


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