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What Does Your Ear Shape Reveal About You, According to a Physiognomy? One Shape Is That Of Smart Ones, Other Of Unique Individuals! Find Out Yours

According to physiognomy, which has been present in Chinese culture for centuries, a person’s character can be determined through their outer appearance, especially the face. In this article, we’re going to focus on the ears. Namely, take a look at the different types of ears, associated with different types of character:

  • Small earlobes– these people rarely take initiative first and aren’t very responsible
  • Big earlobes- people of strong will
  • Pointy ears– people who have a hard time to control their temperament, not very generous, and sly at times
  • Wide middle region– skeptics, nervous and timid individuals
  • Small ears- people who are always busy with resolving some issues
  • Big ears– intellectuals
  • Thick ears– people with a rich life experience
  • Big and think ears– lazy people
  • Attached earlobes- skilful planners and born leaders
  • Protruding ears-an original thinker who dislikes routine-they want to be on the move all the time. Office jobs are least suiting for these individuals.

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