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DYK?!! It Is Forbidden To Talk About The Age Of The President In This African Country!! Here’s why…

The age of the president of the republic is controversial. And the decision that has just been taken by the authorities is at least very surprising. Indeed, the chief of police banned the debate on the age of the President of the Republic.


According to information that BBC echoes, the Inspector General of Police of Uganda, announced that he will not allow politicians to debate on the issue of the age limit of President Yoweri Museveni.

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“The debate on the age limit must be strictly done in Parliament but not in schools or villages,” he said.

An article on the president’s age limit should be tabled in Parliament

General Kayihura revealed that he has intelligence reports that some opposition leaders are encouraging young people, especially university students, to confuse the issue. The superior officer does not seem to appreciate this fact, and puts potential offenders on guard.

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Although the government recently announced that a bill to amend the constitution was not on the agenda, Deputy Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukutana confirmed that the bill to amend an article concerning The age limit should be tabled later this year in parliament.

Under the present constitution, a person over 75 years of age is not eligible for the presidency.

President Museveni, 73 years old this year, could not be re-elected in the next elections in 2021.


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