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Dying Police Officer Says 2Pac Paid Him 1.5 Million Dollars To Help Him Fake His Death


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    • I think this man is dreaming! He is pure talbians talking trash sorry you will soon meet your requirements and death is waiting for you. I pity you if isis or boko haram catch you you will talk truth oloriburuku client. .?… offshore? Why are you sick if u sure u are receiving $10000 every month? Abege go die for Sahara Western desert

  1. I think this man is hellucinating ,if 2pac is alive then where is he? And what did he stand to gaine for faking his own death for almost 20 years?

  2. Well if anyone can prove that the dying officer is correct about the 10,000 a month offshore then he is alive has anyone thought about proof?

  3. I think you been smoking crack, and now you sick dick head why didn’t you let the world know about this trash ?????you are just fucking poom poom dick head,

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