Duterte Arrested a 71-year-old Australian Nun Accused of “Violating the Sovereignty” of the Country

The Philippine president has taken on the arrest of an Australian nun, whom he accuses of taking part in political activities. The latter insists worrying only about the rights of farmers, in the midst of the drug war in the country.

In a speech to the Armed Forces, on April 18, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte assumed “full responsibility” for the arrest of Patricia Fox, an Australian sister, member of the Congregation of Our Lady of Sion, installed for many years in the Philippines. The Philippine head of state said he did not ask for the 71-year-old nun to be detained, but explained that an inquiry into his activities had been opened at his request for “disturbing public order”. “.


“You insult me ​​under the guise of being a Catholic priest, but you are a stranger! Who are you? “, Launched the Philippine president in a clear reference to Patricia Fox, denouncing her attitude as” a violation of sovereignty. ”

Sister Patricia Fox, 71, was arrested on April 16 by the immigration office, suspected of taking part in political activities in the country. She was released the next day. According to her lawyer, quoted by the Guardian , Patricia Fox participated in a mission on the island of Mindanao in early April to inquire about the fate of farmers, and investigate possible violations of their rights. “I did not participate in political rallies in terms of partisan politics, but I was active on human rights issues,” she defended at the microphone of the ABS-CBN media, at the end of his detention.

The immigration office must now decide whether Patricia Fox should be deported, an issue that is obviously favored by the Philippine president: “Do not let her enter, because that sister is impudent.”

European socialist leader pushed back to the border

This case is an extension of  Rodrigo Duterte’s merciless war with the drug cartels, which has already left thousands dead. The  methods employed by his government in this struggle often attract criticism from the opposition but also internationally

The Philippine president has warned his political opponents not to seek support abroad on this issue: “The left, never invite foreigners, I will never accept them in the country.” April 15, the office Immigration refused to allow Giacomo Filibeck, Deputy Secretary General of the Party of European Socialists, to enter the country. The latter, invited by a leftist party, had in the past criticized the “extrajudicial killings” of the Philippine government.


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