Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle Reportedly Shares Drugs During Her First Marriage.

Meghan Markle is back on the front page of the media. It was discovered in the mails of the Duchess of Sussex very compromising information. She allegedly distributed drugs during her first marriage.

Multiplying the scandals since entering the royal family, Meghan Markle feeds the press again with a scandal not least. Prince Harry’s wife is charged with distributing drugs, marijuana and cannabis, specifically to her guests during her first marriage.

Betrayed by her emails, Meghan Markle is in great shape!

Meghan Markle’s sister was known so far for the one who divulged the compromising information on the one that has joined the Royal Family of England since May 19, 2018. But this time, the evidence of accusation come from the emails of the concerned.

Betrayed by her emails, Meghan Markle is in great shape!


The Daily Mail and The Sun have unveiled the content of old e-mails in which Meghan Markle was delighted to have distributed marijuana and cannabis to her guests during her first wedding in August 2011 with Trevor Engelson.

“Already ordered”

According to The Sun, a friend of the actress advised the latter “to buy small special bags to hide cannabis, Meghan is quick to answer” Already ordered, “writes the newspaper.

Betrayed by her emails, Meghan Markle is in great shape!

Meghan would have even helped to consume these substances during the ceremony, before burying some leaves in small bags for his guests.

Markle’s father, Thomas, also revealed to the Daily Mail last month that his daughter had given marijuana party bags at the wedding.

“It’s illegal, but it does not matter in Jamaica. It’s almost the custom there.

“I do not smoke grass and to my knowledge, any more than Meghan. I do not know what I did with mine. I think I offered it. “


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