Duchess of Sussex: Here are Meghan Markle’s 10 Secrets to Have a Dream Body

Meghan Markle has always had a dream body. Sports enthusiast, but not only to have a perfect figure, the ex-Hollywood actress confided to have a well-being routine to keep fit. Even though her habits may have changed with her new and very eventful life, we reveal to you those things the Duchess of Sussex did to have that mine.

To do yoga

People: Meghan Markle's 10 Secrets to Have a Dream Body

Daughter of a Yoga coach, you had to expect this trick. Meghan Markle has enjoyed this activity since she was 7 years old. In an interview with Women’s Health Mag UK, she says she prefers vinyasa. “And even better with hip-hop music in a candlelit room.”


The Pilates machine

While living in Los Angeles, Meghan attended Platinum Pilates, which belongs to one of her friends. There, she practiced Pilates on machines for faster results. For Prince Harry’s sweetheart, this place is the best on the west coast.


For Meghan, running is a way to break free, in addition to burning the maximum amount of calories. She even says that running, she manages to think and meditate.

Train with friends

Meghan Markle enjoyed spending time with her friends, especially playing sports. Either by doing a personal training with a sports coach she knows or with a friend. Anyway, she likes to let off steam in the company of a person she knows to motivate herself more.

Stay motivated

Sometimes, if Meghan did not want to go to the gym, she was doing video sports classes. To motivate herself, she says she thinks of all the benefits of sport. That’s what she told Shape: “I think if you get motivated, you’ve done half the work already.”


Ban the foods that tire during the week

People: Meghan Markle's 10 Secrets to Have a Dream Body

On weekdays, Meghan Markle does everything to stay in shape. To do this, she avoids eating foods that tire her. In addition, she prefers fish and vegetables and avoids foods that slow down digestion such as fried foods, fatty foods and high sugar.

Drink natural juices and avoid coffee

The American loves to drink natural juices and discourages coffee. In addition to having fun, she enjoys the benefits of detox green juice.

Prepare your own dishes

What’s better than putting yourself behind the stove to choose the ingredients we need! Meghan prepared her meals herself at the beginning of the week to put them in the fridge for use in the following days.

Do not deprive yourself on weekends

People: Meghan Markle's 10 Secrets to Have a Dream Body

On weekends, Meghan Markle does not deprive herself of good things. She loves the burger with french fries. “Since I do a lot of sport, I do not want to deprive myself,” she told Best Health Mag. However, she sometimes makes compromises, but as soon as she can, the 37-year-old American opts for healthy alternatives. For example, it replaces potato fries with sweet potato fries.

Take an hour to relax

The Californian has confided to Women’s Health UK, saying she likes to take an hour to relax. “I always take an hour to unwind, distract myself in front of the television, snuggle with my dogs or enjoy a glass of wine. It’s a question of balance “.e


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