Drunk, The Son Of Benjamin Netanyahu Makes Compromising Revelations About His Father

The son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was released from a nightclub in 2015, was recorded as he was referring to a controversial gas deal that his father initiated. The latter considered this hypothesis “absurd”.

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Netanyahu’s dreaded child has been spooky and embarrassing – like the publication on social media  of a montage inspired by an anti-Semitic caricature  last September.

Ivre, le fils de Benjamin Netanyahou fait des révélations compromettantes sur son père© Thomas Coex Source: AFP
Benjamin Netanyahu and his son Yair visit the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem in 2015.


One of these escapades, dating back to 2015, is currently coming to the surface, and is jeopardizing the head of the Israeli government. The Prime Minister’s son did not know that he was registered at that time. His remarks, while uttered under the influence of alcohol, reinforce the suspicions of the strong man of Israel, who is the subject of two investigations for corruption.

My dad got a $ 20 billion contract for your dad

On the audio recording broadcast on the second Israeli channel on January 8, we can hear Yair Netanyahu and Ori Maimon, son of Kobi Maimon, billionaire of the gas sector and one of the richest men in Israel, as well as Roman Abramov , a collaborator in Israel of Australian billionaire James Packer. Yair and Ori talk cheerfully in a car in Tel Aviv. Both drunk talk about women very vulgarly and argue about the sum of 100 euros.


Yaïr Netanyahou then throws at his friend: “My father made a great contract for your father, man, he fought in the Knesset for that guy.” He continues: “You cry for 400 shekels [about 100 euros]. My father got a $ 20 billion contract for your father and you can not give me 400 shekels, son of p …? ” Roman Abramov then points out to them that a catastrophe would happen if this conversation were revealed to the general public …

“A joke of bad taste”, according to Benjamin Betanyahou

Yair Netanyahu is obviously referring to an important agreement to exploit the vast gas fields discovered in the Mediterranean a few years earlier, a windfall for Israel. Nir Maïmon’s father is a major shareholder in Isramco, one of the companies operating these reserves.

The Prime Minister announced in August 2015 an agreement between the government and an Israeli-American consortium to accelerate production, slowed by resistance to the establishment of a monopoly that would benefit companies at the expense of consumers.

Benjamin Netanyahu deemed “absurd” the idea that he would have favored the businessman Kobi Maimon when he had “no contact” with him, had met him only once about ten years ago “and ignored the relationship between their two sons. “The agreement finally ratified in 2016 after months of political and legal battle is supposed to bring billions of shekels to the state and only disadvantage one of the actors of gas exploitation: Kobi Maimon,” said Benjamin Netanyahu to the press.

He added that his son did not have “the slightest idea” of the terms of the agreement, and his words were “a joke of bad taste” pronounced under the influence of alcohol. Yair Netanyahu himself quickly apologized, also citing his drunkenness. As for the gas agreement, “it was a joke,” he said in a statement.

The Netanyahu family also accused the driver of the car in which the young men were to have made the recording.

Vivid reactions of detractors of Benjamin Netanyahu, already covered by two investigations

The opponents of the Prime Minister took over the recording, whose authenticity is disputed by anyone to attack again the benefits granted to Yair Netanyahu – as a bodyguard into his sprees in nightclubs – and confirmed their suspicion about this controversial gas deal.

Labor Party leader Avi Gabbay spoke on Twitter about a “new spot on the gas deal”. The left-wing party Meretz called for investigations.

Benjamin Netanyahu is already targeted by two police investigations (one involving gifts of tens of thousands of dollars and another for influence peddling), whose conclusions are expected in the coming months, if not weeks. Some tens of thousands of protesters, calling their “shame march” , have already demonstrated in one of Tel Aviv’s upscale neighborhoods, denouncing the “corruption” of the Israeli government and the alleged slowness of ongoing investigations against the prime minister. .


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