Drugs, Rape Scandal, Alcohol, Such Were The Ruins Of These Black Celebrities- Sad Endings To Beautiful Careers

People adore talent and beauty. And the ones who are really talented hold a special place in everyone’s hearts. They seem to have everything they want in life. But there’s always one area where they fall short, sanity or self-discipline or love. The stars we’re going to talk about here are world famous. Perhaps never felt short on anything. But somehow slipped out of everything they had.

 Whitney Houston


The beautiful and talented singer and actress, Whitney Houston married the nearly retired R&B singer Bobby Brown in the year 1992, which was during the height of her career. It might not have been a good idea though, since both of them had their own drug dependency and substance abuse issues. Throughout their marriage the drug abuse only became worse.

 Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson was one of the biggest pop stars in music, worldwide for many years. He had a very different lifestyle which changed as years progressed. He did a lot of cosmetic surgeries, had an out of controls hopping habit and was under the influence of drugs. His life gradually started falling apart. He had been married twice but both of his marriages were short-lived and unhappy.

 Axl Rose


Axl Rose’s searing vocals took his band Guns ‘n’ Roses to great heights in no time. The group was so successful that it managed to turn the tides of pop and dance music towards rock. And as almost all rock musicians tend to do, his unstable behavior affected the band in a negative way. The band eventually started to split and new members started being added

Tiger Woods

Until November 2009, Tiger Woods was the perfect role model. He was the most talented golf player the world had seen and was a clean cut family man. Until in 2009, the media released all kinds of evidence of his repeated extra marital affairs for the world to know. This destroyed his reputation and his sponsors withdrew their support. His wife divorced him and took the custody of their kids. After this incident, he decided to temporarily draw away from golf and took therapy.


CeeLo Green

Artist CeeLo Green has made great advances in the music industry, where he has fans from all different backgrounds. As a result, he was chosen to be a celebrity judge on NBC’s hit talent show The Voice.


It came as a surprise last month when he posted a series of controversial tweets about rape. Green’s tweets were related to a court case in which he pleaded no contest to a felony count of Ecstasy possession after he was accused of giving a woman the drug without her knowledge on a date in 2012. The woman said she woke up in bed with him the next day and had no memory of the night before. The star claimed that they had consensual sex, and prosecutors didn’t press rape charges.

Chris Brown

At one point in time, R&B singer Chris Brown had a great image. He was able to land movies and endorsements. But all that changed when people learned about what happened between Brown and singer Rihanna in 2009.

After leaving the Grammys, Brown got into a physical altercation with Rihanna, which left her with two black eyes, a swollen nose, a busted lip and multiple knots on her face. Brown was later arrested and charged for the incident, and his image was never the same.

Mimi Faust

In the beginning of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, which started in 2012, reality star Mimi Faust presented herself as a person with good moral character. She constantly talked about her daughter, Eva, and mentioned on the show that she would do anything for her child.

Fast-forward to the 2014 season of the show. Faust shocked the world when she appeared in and sold a sex tape that she made with boyfriend and fellow reality star Nikko.  When asked why she did it, Faust hinted that she did it because the money would help her take care of her daughter.


Michael Jordan

In the 1990s, legendary NBA star Michael Jordan could do no wrong. He was the face of the NBA, winning six titles, and he also landed a lucrative sneaker deal with Nike and other endorsements that made him the highest-paid basketball player in his era. All in all, almost everybody wanted to “be like Mike.” Jordan’s image changed after his Hall of Fame acceptance speech in 2012.


During the speech, Jordan said that he was going to let the audience know the “real” him. In his 23-minute speech, Jordan exposed to the world what went through his mind and how he felt during his basketball career.


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