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“Drinking Alcohol Without Getting Drunk Not Sinful,” Says Islamic Scholar

In what many Muslims would consider a shocking position, famous Islamic cleric, Khaled Al Gendy has said that the consumption of alcohol without getting drunk is not sinful.

Many Muslims hold on to the belief that alcohol is forbidden in the religion but Al Gendy who is a member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs said getting drunk was sinful but taking alcohol wasn’t.

He said: “If the same alcoholic drink was consumed by one person without getting drunk, it is not haram, while being consumed by another person to drunkenness makes it haram [for this person].”


The Islamic scholar spoke on DMC TV channel where he said “getting drunk is haram, sinful and forbidden in Islam, and all Islamic sharia laws related to the punishment apply to getting drunk as a consequence of drinking alcoholic beverages.”

He defined a person who was drunk as someone who cannot tell the difference between the top of a valley from its bottom.

Abo Hanifa who is also a renowned Islamic scholar supported Al Gendy’s position that drinking alcohol without getting drunk was not sinful.


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