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DRC: “No Elections Will Hold Until 2019,” Announces Corneille Nangaa

The CENI will publish ” shortly ” the electoral calendar. Corneille Nangaa returned Sunday night from Washington where ” he left to say what we had already announced in Kananga. The calendar should be published very soon, “said Sunday in the program FACE TO FACE, the minister delegated to the Prime Minister, Tshibangu Kalala.

“We will have to count 507 from the end of enrollment, ” a member of CENI recently told TOP CONGO Official .
July-August 2019
The elections are expected to take place in mid-2019, as the ” critical activities of the process” do not allow the holding of twinning ballots before that date, said the independent national electoral commission ” who is careful not to publish such a date” , many diplomats accredited in Kinshasa.
Among these critical activities is the adoption of the law on the distribution of seats.
Corneille Nangaa hopes that the Congolese political class will really be involved in the process.

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