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DRC: “I Promised Nothing At All” – Warns President Joseph Kabila!!

Five years he had not given an interview. Congolese President Joseph Kabila rarely speaks to the international press and his interview with the magazine Der Spiegel could provoke strong reactions in the Democratic Republic of Congo. ” I promised nothing at all ” concerning the holding of a presidential election this year, assures the Congolese president who was to leave power at the end of 2016.

Although a commitment to hold general elections by the end of the year was made in an agreement signed on December 31 by majority and opposition cadres, Joseph Kabila replied today: “I promised nothing at all,” adding that he wants to “organize elections as quickly as possible”.

On several occasions in this interview in Spiegel, the German journalist tries to obtain a promise on the date of the presidential election or a confirmation that it could take longer for the organization of these elections. Each time the Congolese president boots. “It is up to the electoral commission to answer that question of date,” he said. “Organizing elections could take longer or longer,” says Joseph Kabila.


The Congolese president reminded each time that the DRC is a gigantic country with little infrastructure. And to warn: “If you organize chaotic elections, you will have chaos.”

“We want perfect elections, not just elections,” the head of state said in a long interview with the German magazine, explaining that the challenge for him is to register all the new majors, that this enrollment is in And “works well”. But no date for the elections.

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