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DRC!!: Congolese Singer Koffi Olomide Released!!

The Congolese singer Antoine Agbepa Mumba said Koffi Olomide was released Saturday, July 30, after four days of provisional arrest in the Central Prison of Makala (Kinshasa).

Contacted by Radio Okapi, the lawyer for the singer, Mr Ruffin Lukoo explained that his client was released that there was no complaint against him.

The prosecution pursued him for assault and battery administered in public in one of its dancers, Friday, July 22 in Nairobi (Kenya), where the Congolese musician was dismissed this act.

“J e confirms that since 14 hours Koffi left prison and is home because after the court rejected the bail request, he posed a legal problem because the floor not the fact of the case. the images, yes, but are derived from facts which occurred at the airport of Kenya abroad , “said Mr. Ruffin Lukoo.


He argued the court proceedings which, according to him, referred to in Article 3 of the Congolese Penal Code requires the victim to complain before the prosecutor can act and that justice considers this fact.

For our justice is competent to consider that fact [Hot Koffi against the dancer] requires that the victim [the dancer] had complained before the prosecutor can act. This is because the record prosecutors, there was not this fundamental element, the complaint of the victim , “continued Mr. Ruiffin Lukoo.

Another fact that was a blockage in the case, says lawyer Koffi, is that Kenya, a country where the case occurred [Koffi aggression to his partner], has not officially communicated to the DRC.

Koffi Olomide was released four days later that some defenders of women’s rights had asked the court to do its job without qualms that the rights of the dancer are respected.



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