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Dr. Michael Obeng: READ From Grass to Grace Story of the Only Black Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills, USA

Dr. Michael K Obeng is the only black plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills triangle of Beverly Hills California who left Ghana West Africa, several years ago for greener pastures in America.

Dr. Michael Obeng is the only Black plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills that makes millions working with clients ranging from royals to celebrities and rich socialites. His company is called Miko Plastic Surgery, and is located at 435 North Roxbury Drive, Suite #205. Despite his celebrity status, however, he still gives back to the community in a major way. He is also the founder of R.E.S.T.O.R.E. Worldwide, a non-profit organization that performs free reconstructive surgeries for children and adults in African countries.

Humble beginnings

Dr. Michael Obeng was only 20-years old when he moved to the U.S. from Ghana with only $200 in his pocket. He also took with him his aspirations to help the less fortunate people around him and started achieving it by studying to become a surgeon.

After several years of studying and training in prestigious schools such as the Midwestern State University, University of Texas Medical School and Harvard University, he became a well-known plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills and other best hospitals in the U.S.

He further achieved celebrity status after appearing in the reality TV show Second Wives Club. He also became the Chief of Plastic Surgery at St. Elizabeth Health Center and was named among America’s Top Plastic Surgeons by the Consumer’s Research Council of America in 2011 and 2014.

Now worth around $8 million

Dr. Obeng, who specializes in cosmetic surgery of the aging face, neck, breast, body, trunk, extremities, and genitalia, has high-profile clients flocking to him to have him as their plastic surgeon.

He is an expert in complex reconstructive surgery, hand, and micro-neurovascular surgery as well. He is also one of the few surgeons in the world to have successfully reattached a limb and therefore his net worth is reportedly around $8 million.

Dr. Michael K. Obeng performs rib removal in his Beverly Hills facility with a unique technique drawn from his microsurgery background.


The once frowned upon and highly controversial procedure, rib removal surgery, is now becoming commonplace in the hands of the board-certified plastic surgeon to the stars, Dr. Michael K. Obeng. The ease with this operation, has been made possible because of advances in instrumentation and Dr. Obeng’s newly adopted technique.

Now patients can have surgery in the morning under general anesthesia, via 2 tiny incisions, one on either side of the back to remove floating ribs 11 and 12, and potentially go to dinner that same night. A feat that wasn’t possible a few years ago, and now it is possible because of this “Gentle Giant’s” unique approach, drawing inferences from his microsurgical background from his Harvard Fellowship days.

Last year alone, “The Surgeon’s Surgeon”, Dr. Obeng, successfully performed a handful of this operation to include, The Human Ken Doll, The German Barbie, and the Russian Ballerina, just to name a few. The demand for this operation is now soaring, with request from all over the world, especially Dubai.

This procedure came under scrutiny after Ms. Janet Jackson flaunted her tiny waist and hourglass figure in her most talked about music video in the late 1990s. Celebrities like Cher had no qualms talking publicly about her experience with her rib removal surgery. All in all, not only celebrities are having this done, ‘the cat is out of the bag’, and the average person, man and woman are having this operation.

In less than two hours, the man with the “gifted hands”, Dr. Obeng, will ensure that your “snatched” waist, is back on track with just some post-operative training with a corset. The procedure is safe, minimally painful and at the end, an “hourglass” shape is within reach.

Giving back

Over the years, through his non-profit organization, he has offered free services to Africans around the globe with disfiguring deformities from birth, accidents, and diseases. He also serves as an advisor to local healthcare personnel in the areas they visit to help improve their knowledge in surgeries and other health-related matters.

Dr. Obeng’s efforts have earned him the 2017 GUBA Humanitarian Spirit Award. He has already performed over 500 successful free surgeries and he hopes he could reach more people to further make an impact in the world.

For more information about R.E.S.T.O.R.E. Worldwide, visit

To learn more about Miko Plastic Surgery, visit or follow Dr. Michael Obeng on Instagram @drmichaelkobeng


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